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Impact Academy: Health Industry Disrupters.

The below enterprises are a small selection of our many successful Impact Alumni that have launched their purpose products and are impacting our health industry.

In response to the growing number of applications in the health industry the Impact Academy have introduced a new Health Accelerator Program for budding social enterprises, starting in Feb 2019.

Recent investment in the Brisbane based Impact Academy has prioritised the building of a highly capable team; the creation of new businesses to service the needs of social enterprises and impact investors; and an expansion of the Impact Academy programs to include a Health Accelerator and Eco Accelerator.  These new accelerator programs will roll out in parallel to the Social Enterprise program and their inclusion is a direct response to the growing number of applicants from these specific industries.

Our Health Accelerator is designed to enable the development of health innovations, deliver world-class medical devices, services, technology and/or platforms to improve people’s lives. Some of our entrepreneurs have already disrupted the health industry in e-Health, Medical Technology, Medical Device, Detection/ Prevention Technology, Health System Software, Mental Health, Wellness and Mindfulness Ventures.

Let us introduce you  to some of  our health change makers.



Stuart Kruger

If your loved ones have a diagnosis which is life-long and complicated, you need to take all of your confidence and encouragement to step up to this journey with them. It is always scary to go through that without any support from the community of medical experts because you face the unknown every day. Stuart’s personal experience and the fact that his family is raising a child with autism have inspired him to create the solution to this problem. He founded Helpa.App to assist other parents who go through the same journey.

HELPA is an innovative and comprehensive digital health app which is designed to bring together families, caregivers and medical subject matter experts into a single, simple, and secure mobile platform. It enables special needs parents to share their experiences of non-clinical interventions with therapists in real time through the videos, pictures, and stories. While non-clinical caregivers can uniquely map each moment of health journeys with user owned and controlled multi-format health information, providers can extend the reach of therapy outside of clinical settings. Whereas, various foundations, not-for-profit organisations, and research partners can also use the app to distribute their services to more people at the same time, as well as to have access to anonymised metadata from all consenting participants for research, analytics and service design.

The application has been recently launched and the app has been downloaded instantly. The HELPA team has received over 1000+ voices of encouraging and supportive feedback involved in Research & Development.  They have built national partnerships in 3 countries so far, with many more discussions currently underway. Importantly, HELPA is the only social care platform that is a partner of the Australian Government Digital Health CRC. It means that each HELPA user including Families, Therapists, Partners and Educators joins a large community of partners who ensure remote care coordination and intervention.

To find out more about HELPA, go to

On Channel 7 Extra last week : Today Extra Segment

HelpA and Stuart Kruger are featured in this Fairfax article : How Queensland became a leader in medical technology start-ups

Stuart Kruger: My Greater Outcome Video




Ed Ross and Dan Allen

Trademutt is a progressive social enterprise that creates quality hard wearing work wear for hard working Australian men and women. The brand was created by two tradies who met in Brisbane. Ed and Dan have built a brand, which will re shape the image of trades people everywhere, and in doing so, help start conversations about mental health in Australia, especially among men. Trademutt uses bold and vibrant prints to make an invisible issue impossible to avoid, facilitating real conversations whilst maintaining a fun and lighthearted approach.

Trademutt is driving the much needed social and cultural shift among working men and women everywhere. Not only is it acceptable to talk about mental health, it is also safe and encouraged.

Each shirt includes a logo that reads, ‘This is a conversation starter,’ teaming up with the organisation TIACS (This is a conversation starter). On the 11th of October 2018 TIACS was launched through a TradeMutt co-branded stunt in Queen street mall, Brisbane. Dan and Ed from TradeMutt want to start a million conversations about mental health as soon as we possibly can. Buy a shirt now, help fund TIACS and aid in starting conversations!

Find out more

As seen on Channel Today Show : Full story: #9Today



Tim Jack Adams

Tim’s mission: To re-connect people to themselves, others and the natural environment using seven core elements to support an ‘everyday wellness’ lifestyle.

Tim Jack Adams lost a close friend to mental health which sparked his quest to understand the ‘why’s’ of mental health and wellness. Tim researched mental health obsessively and correlated all his findings, case studies, his life experiences and that of others to create the platform now known as GreenX and its 7 core elements.

GreenX7 is and continues to be, built on astounding scientific research and practical implementation through the incredible and tireless work of individuals and organisations in the many fields that make up our 7 core elements.

Through his book, ” The 7 core elements to live your life”, the GreenX7 App (available for download on Apple and Google play), Workshops, Public Speaking, Events & Retreats, Tim shares his wisdom on living life well and has worked with companies such as Red Bull, Boeing and Suncorp and is piloting a program with the Australian Army Soldier Recovery Centre and Eden Health Retreats. He helps individuals to implement the wellness wisdom principles and is impacting lives all over the world.



Go to www.greenx7 to find how connecting to the core elements each day will help;

  • Reduce anxiety and stress levels
  • Increase productivity and creativity
  • Improve self-esteem and mood
  • Reduce the risk of depression and obesity
  • Strengthen relationship to self and others



Nicola Bone

During 12 years of classroom practice in Brisbane schools, a Brisbane high school teacher Nicola Bone began to witness an alarming number of students facing the crippling challenges of mental illness: stress, depression, anxiety and many other mood disorders. Watching a young person suffer every day and miss out on the most vital years of learning and formation was heartbreaking to her. Coupled with the tragic loss of three dear friends to mental illness and a burning desire to understand the horrifying mental illness epidemic in Australia, she enrolled in a Master of Public Health (Epidemiology) in 2016 and also completed her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training to begin researching the effects of mindfulness practices on learning and mental health.

From this, the Sound Off for Schools Program was born – a Silent Revolution sweeping across schools currently in Queensland. Students wear wireless headphones to hear low ambient music and the teacher’s instruction to guide them through mindfulness practices and movements. Their attention is completely captured in the present moment to give them the opportunity to witness their breathing, thought habits while moving their physical body. The Program has seen incredible success and recognition amongst educators and students and in the last 10 months has reached more than 3800 young people. Nicola is on a mission to  reach ONE MILLION MINDFUL MINUTES BY 2020. Can you help her reach this target by introducing this concept to a school in your community? Do you know an educator who is passionate about the wellbeing of their students? To achieve this goal we need to walk through the doors of over 160 schools and connect with more than 160,000 young people!  We are congratulating Nicola in advance because she is one very capable person that will reach this target.

Sound off for schools
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